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Computer Repair Prices

Our prices vary depending on the job at hand but here are some estimates:

    • Virus / Trojan Removal                      £20

Virus and Trojan removal

    • Full Optimisation                                 £25

Faster, better and higher performance

    • Memory Upgrade                               £50-£80

Depends on desired memory sizes

    • Graphics Card Upgrade                    £40-£200

Depends on your desired graphics performance

    • Hard Drive Replacement                   £60

Includes re installation of Windows and documents if recoverable.

  • Laptop Screen Replacement                      £65-£70

PS3 and Xbox 360 Console Repair Prices

  • Red Light of Death Graphics Chip Repair            £35
  • Yellow Light of Death Chipset / Graphics Chip Repair            £35


PC Repair


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